Tuesday, June 23, 2009

In praise of the "grambler"

From the outside it looks like your average mid-century rambler, but the "pow!" happens after you pass through the front door: vaulted ceilings, walls of glass that showcase sweeping territorial views, and a walkout basement that's almost as stunning - with floor-to-ceiling windows to boot. Its architectural qualities blow the average rambler out of the water (or should I say, off its foundation). Plus, it has the benefit of walkout basement. An ideal floorplan! For these reasons, my husband I call this kind of house the "grand rambler", or "grambler."

My husband and I fell in love with this house over five years ago. This past March, we had an opportunity to purchase it. (It's located in the neighborhood of Woodridge, a sweet enclave of midcentury houses atop a hill in Bellevue, WA). It seemed so serendipitous. Five years ago we wrote a letter to the owners of the house, declaring our love for it and asking them to please contact us should they ever sell. To our amazement, they saved the letter. And they called us in March before they put it on the market. Alas, this story doesn't end like a Disney movie. We decided to pass on it for reasons we hope will prove to be right through the years. Ultimately, we chose community over house, which was a most difficult decision, particularly for a woman who obsesses over design and architecture.

We will always think of this house as the grambler that got away. Hopefully there will be another one just as cool in Seattle in our near future!